Mexico is color, tradition, and culture. And within its DNA there is tequila, national pride of international recognition. Every time that someone in the world enjoys a good drink of tequila, taste the purest essence of Mexico. But what is behind this gold liquid? A great promise of keeping intact its origin.

DOT territory – Mexico

DO Tequila belongs to the essence of Mexico, including the agave landscape that is a Cultural World Heritage of Humanity. To be considered as tequila, the drink must be produced in one of the 181 municipalities of five states of the Mexican republic. Having full control over the production is how we make sure it continues keeping the magic.


Tequila is part of Mexicans, of their history and traditions. It is love for their land and a connection of union and pride.

Is the result of Mexican handwork that for centuries has put passion, perfecting the art of creating this majestic, versatile and emblematic drink.

It’s the perfect companion to accompany sorrows and joys. Either straight or accompanied (with a sangrita), Tequila has been, is, and will be Mexico’s gift to the world!